Degree PhD in History of Design and Material Culture
University of Brighton, 2017
Professional Affiliation Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Brighton
Research/Current Projects I work across the fields of visual and cultural politics and graphic design history with a particular attention on Lebanon and the Middle East. My current research explores the intersections of visual culture, design and politics in the Arab world from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s, to critically examine a global conjuncture, marked by anticolonial struggle and complicated by a Cold War order. Drawing on uncharted archives of everyday printed matter, my research uncovers the transnational circuits that animated Arab modernist pursuits and sheds light on the forgotten trajectories and graphic design practices of its protagonists: Egyptian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian artists. Decentring both Western and nation-based frameworks, my work strives to develop new methodologies for global art and design historiography and directly contributes to ‘decolonizing design’ by foregrounding historical antecedents—from the Arab world—to such critical approaches and practices.    
Time Period Interests 20th Century
Area Interests East Asia, Africa
Media Interests Book arts, Letterpress, Lithography