Degree PhD in Art History and Communication Studies
McGill University, 2017
Professional Affiliation Assistant Professor of Art History, Boise State University
Research/Current Projects Tomasz Grusiecki is assistant professor of art history (early modern) at Boise State University. He received his PhD from McGill University, Montreal and was subsequently an EMS Junior Research Fellow / FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Central European University, Budapest. He joined Boise State in 2018. Tomasz specialises in the study of cultural interactions between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the wider world, focusing on the issues of centre and periphery, cultural liminality, and perceptions of selfhood and alterity. He is currently preparing a book manuscript, tentatively titled “Transcultural Commonwealth: Visual and Material Histories of Poland-Lithuania, 1500–1700.” This study explores representations of the emerging Polish-Lithuanian political nation, as its otherwise heterogeneous Polish, Ruthenian, Lithuanian and Prussian nobilities found themselves in the midst of searching for a convincing story of their shared origins and place in the world. Tomasz’s book examines how these often self-contradictory stories were activated and legitimised by images and objects of material culture. Tomasz is a Research Affiliate in the international project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: Making Worlds: Art, Materiality and Early Modern Globalisation.
Time Period Interests Renassiance, Baroque
Area Interests Eastern Europe
Media Interests Book arts
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