Name Jun Nakamura
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United States

Degree PhD
University of Michigan
Professional Affiliation Assistant Curator, Prints and Drawings, Princeton University
Research/Current Projects Jun Nakamura is Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Princeton University Art Museum. He is a specialist in the history of printmaking and the seventeenth-century Netherlands. His dissertation (Univ. of Michigan, 2022) explored how visual rhetorics of print were manipulated, appropriated, and subverted in the Netherlands in the long seventeenth-century. His other research interests include transoceanic trade and travel, approaches to the depiction of space, and early modern science and technology. He was previously Suzanne Andrée Curatorial Fellow at the Philadelphia Museum of Art 2020-2023, where he curated Macho Men: Hypermasculinity in Dutch and American Prints. Also a printmaker himself, Jun's general interests include Godzilla, comic books, and making things.
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